Highway Logistics

Regardless of the shipment size, the Highway Logistics unit of Watco Supply Chain Services provides the necessary transportation for your freight at the most cost-effective prices.


Watco Supply Chain Services ensures your less-than-truckload (LTL) freight is moved efficiently, with underlying network design and transit time analysis taken into account.

Not just LTL services you need? No problem. Watco Supply Chain Services offers project management services for LTL Customers that include:

  • Temperature controlled LTL
  • Pool Point Options
  • Consolidation Opportunities
  • Trade Exhibit Shipment Management

Dry Van

Our team has experience in multi-drop, power-only, drop-trailers, floor-loading, and consolidated shipments. Even during peak seasons, Watco Supply Chain Services secures the appropriate equipment, ensures that carrier obligations are fulfilled, and monitors service and quality throughout the entire process.

Temperature Controlled

Watco Supply Chain Services has access to insulated and temperature controlled equipment to keep your freight at its desired temperature throughout the entire transportation process.

Flatbed and Oversized

Dependable and responsive transportation is a critical part of the logistics puzzle. Whether it’s a standard flatbed or specialized multi-axle equipment to handle oversized or heavy shipments, Watco Supply Chain Services provides Customers with the appropriate transportation equipment to make sure your freight is transported safely and effectively at competitive rates. We source the required equipment you need and provide door-to-door service, including any state operating permits or paperwork you may need for transportation.