Rail Logistics

Our company is home to the largest privately owned shortline railroad company in the U.S. and  manages a virtual fleet of rail-owned equipment to provide our customers with the most efficient railcar services at the most competitive rates. With the expertise of our team, we have the unique ability to offer a comprehensive range of logistics solutions. Although we maintain a strong relationship with Watco Companies, Watco Supply Chain Services remains unbiased and rail neutral, finding you the most logical, cost-effective transportation for your shipments.

Watco Rail Logistics Services:

  • Turnkey Door-to-Door Coordination of Project and Dimensional Cargo- turning complex movements into a seamless, safe, reliable and economical solution (proven track record with wind logistics, boilers, generators, machinery and other oversized cargo).
  • Single or double-sided Transload Rail Solutions– making rail a viable, cost competitive alternative for shippers that are not direct rail served at one or both ends of the move.
  • Rail Administrative Management- including rail billing, tracking and tracing, diversion and empty disposition, demurrage management, freight audit and payment and reporting.
  • Railcar Maintenance by utilizing the existing Watco Companies repair shops and mobile command centers across the US, complimented by outside contracted railcar maintenance vendors, no matter where your railcar requires repair, it will be scheduled and managed throughout the process, including maintenance and compliance reporting requirements.
  • Rail Engineering- including load diagram configuration, railcar retrofitting and secure designs to meet AAR specifications.
  • Fleet Management to maximize the return on your asset investment through proper balance, placement, monitoring and availability when and where your railcars are needed, ultimately reducing turn-times, demurrage and storage within your private fleet.Connecting people with technology, Watco Supply Chain Services Fleet Management brings unsurpassed professional support with state-of-the art asset health and location monitoring systems.
    • Fleet management professionals that understand AAR requirements and processes for car shopping, estimating, invoicing, lease administration, and financial distribution
    • Management of bad orders, wrecks, dismantling and scrap, shop selection, and the administration of the shopping process
    • Knowledgeable and well-informed fleet management personnel using intelligent cloud-based systems capable of storing car repair history and performing audits of the car repair billing detail and the handling of counter billing authority claims
    • Professional assistance in forecasting and budgeting maintenance expenditures
    • Knowledgeable car repair billing personnel who combine experience with intelligent cloud-based systems, ensuring the correct entry of car repair information at your terminal or through Millennium Rail’s back office support
    • Practiced administrators of UMLER/EHMS/InteRRIS systems, mileage compensation, equalization audits, lease contract management, and ad valorem tax preparation
    • Car hire professionals that understand the complexities of railroad accounting
    • Tracking and tracing systems that assist in railcar location and estimating time of arrival